Say Hi to the Haters…

Recently my pastor related to me a comment he had from another pastor he encountered regarding what we do in our church on Sunday mornings. The other pastor asked him if we used contemporary music in our services. After responding to the guy that we have what is considered a blended service the other guy replied with something like this:

“Why don’t you guys go out and get an elephant to put up on stage with you to complete that circus you have going on.”


My pastors response…simply silence. I would love to say I would have done the same. But likely I would have tried to blurt out some witty response that would have been an overt Jesus Juke. Luckily I wasn’t there.

This interchange really illustrates a large level of contempt that traditionalists hold for Churches that are trying to do something a little different. And being participants in the contemporary model can leave us with a feeling of superiority if we aren’t careful. We can suddenly be so full of righteous indignation that we become no better than the comments made about us.

So what do we do?

We acknowledge the statement. We absorb it. And we focus on it without focusing on it.

How can we focus on something we aren’t focusing on?

We realize that it isn’t our intent to have a circus on Sunday mornings but if we get so absorbed in what we are doing we forget WHY we are doing it. So we focus on making sure it’s not about the show. It’s not about a circus. It’s about one thing only. Worship. Because as long as we are submitting to the will of our God we will not be in a position to worry about what a Man says about it.

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One thought on “Say Hi to the Haters…

  1. I wish I were holy enough to say that I am able to worship God with my full heart in any setting through any medium, but the truth is that I am a sinner and my personality and preferences still play a role in how I connect with God. It’s not that he’s unavailable if a certain criteria is not met (Old Testament legalism), the reality is that my heart is not available unless a certain criteria is met (New Testament grace). It’s wonderful to worship a God that doesn’t expect me to worship him in a certain way, he simply wants my heart and he’ll meet me “just as I am.” Great thoughts John!

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